Illustration & Design

Symphony Poster

symphony poster

2017. Composed and edited in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

The project was to create a poster using three hues and typographic elements to portray a piece of classical music and its live performance in a poster. Images were not allowed, only characters and letters from two different typefaces could be used.

I chose Beethoven's Symphony No. 2 Op. 36, and I wanted to feature the clashing moments in the music when wide, low, sweeping notes would meet short, high, sharp notes. I was inspired by the form of the number 2 in Bodoni, because I believe that this form represents both the sharp and round qualities of the musical piece. I took the number 2 and cut it in half and used different hues to highlight the contrast between the forms. I wanted to showcase the richness of the music and chose a combination of maroon and pink to best represent the feeling of watching the symphony in a beautiful theater in Florence, Italy.