Illustration & Design

Sam Fox Calendar

Sam Fox Fall 2016 Calendar

2016. Digitally composed in Photoshop and InDesign.

The project was to design a fall semester calendar for the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. I was given a comprehensive list of all the events for the semester. The task was to design a calendar with a clear hierarchy of information, so that a passing viewer might be able to read the visual system quickly and understand what was happening for each month and day.

The main design problem was making a coherent, functional calendar that was also visually stimulating and unique. Each event needed to convey its title, time, location, and description. A high level of visual sophistication was necessary to make all the parts fit perfectly.

My solution to making all the pieces of information clear was to use multiple tiers of differentiation; from color to size and day to day versus month by month. I designed the months to appear like strips of three-dimensional paper to recall the “stacking” or “layering” of information throughout the calendar. Each month has its own designated color, shown in the text and the edited images.