Illustration & Design
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e.e. cummings

"anyone lived in a pretty how town"

2018. Drawn in Indian ink, colored with watercolors, typeset and composed in Photoshop.

A project to create a "superpanel" comic - a singular image broken up into several comic panels - based off of a single line of a selected poem. 

I chose the poem "anyone lived in a pretty how town" by the well-known e.e. cummings, because the somewhat melancholy and idiosyncratic tone of the piece struck me.

I pictured the first stanza as a retrospective of a man's life, full of his successes and regrets, particularly with the line "he sang his didn't, he danced his did." I created a metaphor through the image of a tree experiencing a cycle of the seasons in each separate panel. The tree shows signs of a life lived, from the shoes carelessly slung over a branch in the spring of one's youth, to the withered branches of a life nearing its winter.

At the base of the tree, the man reflects on his life with the tree echoing his thoughts. His young daughter approaches him, conveying the optimism and hope carried on through the next generation.


Alice Lee_Narrative Comics Superpanel.jpg